HG Media produces FAQ Videos for Douglas Herring, a criminal defense attorney in Princeton NJ. In this FAQ video, What To Do if Arrested Out of State for a DUI, Doug explains what happens in New Jersey courts to out of state drivers arrested for DUI in New Jersey.

This video is an excellent example of the power of FAQ Videos; they provide valuable information by real people, real experts in areas or relevance to you.

Hello, my name is Douglas Herring. I am a criminal defense attorney here in New Jersey, and I focus on DUIs. If you were arrested for a DUI here in New Jersey and you are a resident of another state, there are some serious consequences and you are going to need some help.

The very first thing to know is it is not a crime in New Jersey, it is a traffic offense. It is not a misdemeanor, it is not a felony. It is handled in the equivalent traffic court as a traffic offense. However, it is a serious traffic offense and there are serious consequences to it.

One of those consequences can be a loss of driving privilege in New Jersey. New Jersey will report from the court, who will report that to the Motor Vehicle Commission. The Motor Vehicle Commission will then forward that information to your state. Almost all the states have signed an interstate compact, an agreement between the states to report the information to each other. New Jersey will report the information to your state, and your state will then contact you after whatever happens in New Jersey.

There are serious consequences in New Jersey, and you are going to need help. We have experience helping people who live out of state. We will be able to minimize and, in some cases, completely eliminate the need for you to come to New Jersey about this DUI ticket. You are going to need an experienced attorney. Give us a call.

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