HG Media produces FAQ Videos for Douglas Herring, DUI defense attorney in Princeton New Jersey. In this FAQ video, Douglas Herring explains the Penalties for a First DUI in New Jersey.

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My name is Douglas Herring. I am a criminal defense attorney here in New Jersey. I focus on DUIs. You need to know what it is you are facing on a first time DUI. A first time DUI you face a loss of your driving privilege, between seven and 12 months. In New Jersey that means a loss of complete driving. New Jersey does not have restricted license. There is no driving to and from work.

In court, if you are convicted, they actually take your license away from you that day, staple it to the paperwork they send to motor vehicles, and your license is suspended as soon as the judge says it. You also face other fines and fees that can be quite expensive. You will be required to go to a class called The Intoxicated Driver Resource Center between 12 and up to 48 hours.

You face other consequences. You could be required to have a interlock device on your car so every time you start your car when you are able to drive again you have to breathe in the machine in order to start the car. Motor Vehicles can add a surcharge to your license every year for three years. Your insurance rates can go up. It can have other effects on your job, your employment and your travel. On paper you are also facing up to 30 days in jail. Realistically none of my clients have ever gone to jail for a first time DUI.

I want you to understand that a first time DUI is a result of a momentary decision. When to stop driving after you drink is a judgment call. Alcohol impairs your judgment. I understand that and I can help you with what is going to happen. Give us a call.

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