HG Media Video Productions produced a series of Promotional Videos for the co-founders of the No Guess Work Diet & Exercise App. In this testimonial video, Dr Grant Cooper describes one of the many weight management benefits of the No Guess Work App.

As a spine and joint pain doctor, I see patients struggling with hip and knee pain, and I see them trying to lose weight. One of the things that I like so much about this program, and I shouldn’t even say this program, it’s really just the application of our new understanding of the science of weight loss and weight management, is that to lose weight, you don’t starve yourself, you really eat, and to keep the weight off, you continue to eat.

And it makes it not only easier for patients to lose the weight, and keep the weight off, but it makes it healthier, and it makes it more sustainable, to the point where it would be wrong, I think, to consider this a diet. It’s much more a way to have a healthier lifestyle, a healthier interaction with your food. Because when you’re eating, you understand how what you’re putting in your body affects the different hormones in your body, and that’s how you’re able to control your weight around the appropriate set point. ~ Grant Cooper, MD

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