We have been working with Lindy Kyzer at ClearanceJobs.com for about 3 years now on a variety of ┬ánews and advice videos. In this recent group of eight videos for recruitment hiring managers we have incorporated new background graphics via green screen. Although we believe the use of green screen is often inappropriate and/or can be poorly produced, this series of videos for ClearanceJobs.com is a good example of HG Media’s green screen sensibilities.

ClearanceJobs.com is a website dedicated to matching U.S. job seekers that hold an active Federal security clearance to top hiring companies searching for new employees. Since the company focuses only on active or current security clearances, all candidates whose resumes are seen on ClearanceJobs.com and who apply to job postings are ready to work on sensitive projects without the delay and expense of obtaining a new clearance for that person.