The SEO Power of FAQ Videos
with Cat Miller and Ken Greenberg

In this video podcast, Cat Miller of Dice News fame sat down with Ken Greenberg, HG Media’s founder, to discuss the many benefits of FAQ videos for professional service providers. They detailed why FAQ videos were so SEO friendly, how to improve your video presentation, how to create a workflow to create 2 or 3 FAQ videos each month, how to title and describe the videos to maximize their SEO power, where to publish the videos and how best to promote them. They also had some fun remembering some favorite Dice News episodes, one of which is posted just below the FAQ video client testimonial referenced in the video podcast.

FAQ Video Testimonial

Thank you Rafael Sharon for helping me realize the amazing SEO power of FAQ videos.

Cat Miller as The Data Janitor

Of the more than 200 Dice News videos that we produced, this is still one of my favorites.

One-Take Miller

Near the end of our 4-year weekly episodes of Dice TV, our series Video Editor, Christina Smith, created this fun-filled montage of Cat’s hats and bits and elaborate costumes from the attic of our Creative Director, Todd Reichart.


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