Some Business People Just Talk Too Much!

I recently read an article in Forbes Magazine, ‘Six Bad Conversation Habits And How To Fix Them’ that inspired this Social Media Video I posted on LinkedIn. My LinkedIn videos tend to be a bit provocative, but that’s what makes your social media videos memorable and perhaps even shareable!.

Here is a excerpt from the Forbes article and a link to the entire piece…

Six Bad Conversation Habits And How To Fix Them

 ~ Post Written by Shawn Kent Hayashi for Forbes

Many of the clients I work with are surprised to learn that it’s not what they’re saying that’s holding them back — it’s often what they’re doing. Here are six common bad habits that undermine personal interactions:

• Interrupting others

• Rambling

• Repeating the same ideas over and over in the same conversation

• Talking over others

• Being too verbose and taking over the conversation

• Glancing at your mobile phone during conversations

While these six habits take different forms, they’re all direct results of not listening.

Think about it. If you’re interrupting others, you’re not interested in what they’re saying. You’re too much in your own head thinking about what you want to say.



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