We recently came across a “Brite Sites” video we produced in 2008. Although the images used in this video are now humorously dated, the elements described as ‘smart website design’ remain consistent with our web development today.

Here are the major points covered in “The Benefits of Brite Sites” video…

Brite Sites are smart websites for growing businesses.
They are called “smart websites” because they are built with the right combination of web technologies… making them both effective AND affordable.

Brite Sites are “smart websites” because they are friendly websites. They are user-friendly because they are well-designed and engage your visitors with interactive features. They contain useful information that is easy to find and easy understand. They include audio-visual elements like the presentation you are watching right now.

Brite Sites are owner-friendly because they include Google Analytics website reports that show you how many people are visiting your website, how they found you, what they are looking for and much more information.

Brite Sites are Google-friendly because they are optimized to rank well with search engines, particularly Google. Brite Sites are search engine optimized with the meta tag coding, titles and descriptions that generate more visitors to your website.

The bottom line is this… A professional website is the most powerful marketing tool available to a growing business.

If you are not happy with your current website… If it is outdated, or incomplete or simply not as good as you know if should be… contact HG Media. For as little as $1500 we can transform your current website into a Brite Site. And that… will be the smartest marketing decision you will make all year.