HG Media Video Productions produced a series of Promotional Videos for the co-founders of the No Guess Work Diet & Exercise App. In this testimonial video, Dr Grant Cooper describes the personal and professional significance of the No Guess Work App.

One of the reasons that I am so proud and so happy to be a part of this whole project, this enterprise with Dr. Hunt of bringing healthier living to the country and hopefully the world, is I think best exemplified at least for me through a patient that I had, that she had chronic hip, knee, a variety of different arthritic pains. It’s a vicious cycle with people, sometimes, where they have pain. Because they have pain, they have trouble moving. They have trouble moving, so they put on weight. As they put on weight, they have more pain. Sometimes that can get into a bad cycle.

This particular woman had been through a lot of different weight loss programs, weight loss diets and products. She had just gotten to the point where she was very disillusioned with things, and she was having trouble breaking out of it. I had already talked with Dr. Hunt. My father-in-law had been through the program, and I understood the science at that point about the program, and so I presented it to her as a good option for a way to obtain and then maintain a better weight.

She was skeptical to start another weight loss program and to try it, but she did. She went along with it. Watching her go through the program and watching how it did work and it was effective, and watching how by losing the weight, it had this wonderful ripple effect throughout her life where she was able to move more. She was able to do more, and how that transformed really, not only her life, but really also her family’s life.

That ripple effect and watching how that just how wonderful that was for her and that feeling that it gave her and gave me to be a small part of that is just something that I want to see for other people and I hope for other people.

I’m jealous of Doctor Hunt for being able to share that with all of his patients every day. I think this is such a great way to be able to make this more accessible for so many other people who could benefit from obtaining and then ultimately maintaining a healthy weight. That’s one of the reasons I’m so excited about this. ~ Grant Cooper, MD

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