HG Media has been engaged by Rafael Sharon, Modern Psychoanalyst in Princeton NJ to produce a series of FAQ Videos for use on his Video Website, as well as his YouTube Channel. In this FAQ video, Rafael Sharon explains why he is a psychoanalyst.

One of the reasons I do this is it’s enormously rewarding and I guess my feelings are, if I can leave the planet having eased the suffering of some people, I have done a good thing. I had one lady ask me, “Am I crazy?” I said, “Of course you’re crazy. You could not get through life without being crazy. Life is crazy.” If it is affecting you poorly, then we have to work on it.

There’s a great quote and I was trying to find it in an article I’d read years ago and I haven’t been able to find it. One analyst was asked what was cure in this profession and he said, “The ability to work successfully, to love successfully, and tolerate normal unhappiness.” I loved it. I can’t find it. I have search engines that should be able to find it. I must have it backwards or I must’ve changed it over the years. I’ll find it, but it’s really true.

I think some people think happiness is a plane that you maintain. I think it’s a point you hit periodically. ~ Rafael Sharón, NCPsyA, SCPsyA

These FAQ videos are a great example of how we can use a simple, straight forward production approach to create engaging and effective connections with your viewers.

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