HG Media agreed to produce a Video Tour for the Vietnam Era Museum & Educational Center, the first museum of its kind in the United States. In this promotional video, the HG Media’s content development team interviewed museum personnel, historians, educators and Vietnam Veterans themselves to provide personal stories about the educational experience to be found at the Vietnam Era Museum & Educational Center.

Dedicated in September 1998, the Museum provides political, cultural and historical context for the Memorial. It helps visitors gain an understanding of the conflict in Southeast Asia and the surrounding political strife in America and its lasting impact on American culture, with an emphasis on experiences in New Jersey.

The Vietnam Era Museum & Educational Center enables all visitors to learn about the myriad of forces that produced the conflict abroad and the understandable dissension at home. It provides an atmosphere where appropriate materials and exhibits help visitors understand the significance of the Memorial, the reality of the conflict, and the political complexities of the Vietnam Era.