Our Princeton Podcast Production Crew just produced and published episode #16 of the Princeton Spine and Joint Center Podcast with Scott Curtis & Scott Giallella

In episode #16 of the Princeton Spine and Joint Center Podcast. In this episode Dr. Scott Curtis, Sports Medicine Director at Princeton Spine and Joint Center, sat down with Scott Giallella, a vestibular physical therapists at Hamilton Physical Therapy Services. They talked a lot about vestibular physical therapy, what it’s used for, and what kind of patients would benefit from it. They also talked about the role of physical therapy in concussive symptoms. And finally talked about different types of physical therapy for fall reduction and individuals who may have frequent mechanical falls.

The Princeton Spine & Joint Center Podcast is recorded on location by our Princeton Podcast Production Team and is produced by Nate Greenberg at HG Media as both a Video Podcast published on YouTube, as well as an Audio Podcast published on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, ‘and wherever you listen to podcasts’. The podcasts are also posted on the Princeton Spine & Joint Center Website.


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