HG Media Video Productions produces News & Events Videos for Princeton News Network (PNN). In this video Peter Crowley, President of the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce, explains how and why they chose the Princeton Airport to host their 2016 Holiday Networking Event.

Jennifer Weiss, Princeton News Network: We’re here with the president and CEO of the Princeton Chamber of Commerce, Peter Crowley. What are you doing tonight?

Peter Crowley, Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce: Tonight we’re really excited. This is our Seventh Annual Business After Business Christmas Event, Holiday Event, Hanukkah Event, we’ll call it whatever it is. It’s really great because what we try to do every year is find a different venue. A venue that people haven’t been to and a venue that can let the people who have the venue know what their business is like to others.

Tonight we’re here at the Princeton Airport. This is an amazing location because you’re in a hangar but you’d have no idea. If you look around, it’s pipe and drape. It looks like you could be at the Javits Center or any other place where you could bring one of your events. You could bring a wedding, you could bring an event for evening. The way you look at this you forget where you are and you think you’re in a different place.

Jennifer Weiss: Did you know that the airport was hosting events? Did you find it through a Google search? How did you know?

Peter Crowley: We have a committee that takes applications for where we can bring our events. We have 12 events that are Business After Business every year. The committee was looking at it and Steve Nierenberg who sent the application in, they called him and said, “Steve, what would you do?” They came out here, took a tour and they said this fits.

We have a couple of criteria. You have to be creative. You’ve got to have adult beverages. You’ve got to have good food and parking. If all those come together there’ll be over 250 people here tonight. That’s what it came down to and this location is just great.

Jennifer Weiss: Wonderful, terrific. Well, I’m glad you stopped by for talking to Princeton News Network. It was good to see you.

Peter Crowley: Thanks Jennifer. Happy Holidays everybody!

Jennifer Weiss: Thank you.

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