HG Media Video Productions produces News & Events Videos for Princeton News Network (PNN). In this video Steven Nierenberg, Operations Manager at the Princeton Airport, describes the airport’s fantastic event space capabilities as he hosts the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce 2016 Holiday Networking Event.

Jennifer Weiss, Princeton News Network: What a great event, we’re here at the Princeton Airport, Princeton, New Jersey. I can’t believe this place. Looks amazing for this event.

Steven Nierenberg, Princeton Airport: Thank you. Thank you very much. A lot of people helped.

Jennifer Weiss: What kind of event are we at right now?

Steven Nierenberg: Right now we’re at, it’s referred to as the Business After Business event for the Princeton Chamber Holiday Party. We just happen to be members and we asked if we could be the host for the chamber event, and here we are.

Jennifer Weiss: Terrific I was impressed, because I was under the impression you guys usually fix planes in this hangar during the day.

Steven Nierenberg: We do.

Jennifer Weiss: Right, correct. It was different. Do you usually host events here?

Steven Nierenberg: Yes we do. Not usually, but we have galas, some galas, we’ve had weddings, we’ve had bar mitzvahs, we’ve had a couple of memorial services, we’ve had sweet sixteen parties.

Jennifer Weiss: The place looks phenomenal, it’s really great to catch you. I know you’re a busy guy.

Steven Nierenberg: Thank you.

Jennifer Weiss: I’m glad I had the minute to talk with you. Is there anything special that you guys are doing at the airport for 2017? Any events to look forward to?

Steven Nierenberg: We have our traditional Santa fly in. Santa flies in the morning of December 24th around 11 o’clock. We expect around 600 to 800 people here.

Jennifer Weiss: If you don’t mind me asking, is it the real Santa?

Steven Nierenberg: As far as I know. That’s what I’ve been told. He flies in. He’s been hosting Santa’s fly in for about 41 years. This will be our 41st year actually, this year.

Jennifer Weiss: Wow, 41 years. I know the flight school’s doing really well. You are still giving private pilots license lessons to students all over the community. Now you’re a venue for events.

Steven Nierenberg: Right, well a lot of people might think of us as a small, we’re a privately owned, public use airport. We only have small airplanes here, and we have a flight school that’s been here since we got here in 1985, but actually it’s been in existence since 1973.

Jennifer Weiss: Really?

Steven Nierenberg: Really. We’re not only a small airport, but here we’re also apparently we’re a great venue for parties and gatherings. Right here we’re doing the regional Princeton chamber event for the holidays.

Jennifer Weiss: Everything looks great. I’m glad I had a minute to talk with you. Good luck with 2016, 2017.

Princeton Airport is a public-use airport three miles (5 km) north of Princeton and just west of Rocky Hill. The airport is privately owned by Princeton Aero Corp. The airport houses the PrincetonFlying School, Princeton Pilot Shop, Pacific Aircraft, Analar Helicopter Charter and Platinum Helicopters.

For more in formation visit the Princeton Airport Website  www.PrincetonAirport.com