HG Media produces FAQ Videos for Douglas Herring, a criminal defense attorney in Princeton NJ. In this FAQ video, Douglas Herring describes Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) in New Jersey.

This video is an excellent example of the power of FAQ Videos; they provide valuable information by real people, real experts in areas or relevance to you.

Hello, my name is Douglas Herring, I am a criminal defense attorney here in New Jersey. PTI is pre-trial intervention, it is a diversion program that keeps you from having a conviction in Superior Court. In Superior Court, you are charged with an indictable crime, the equivalent of a felony. If you are accepted into PTI, then you are in the program and eventually the case is dismissed, leaving you no criminal record and no convictions.

PTI made news a couple of years ago with a football player for the NLF named Ray Rice. He was charged with a crime in Atlanta County and the case was eventually put into PTI. As a result he would have no conviction and no criminal record.

If you would like to find out of you are eligible for having no conviction and no criminal record, give us a call.

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