producer and host

Being a podcast producer can be very rewarding and creative. The role of a podcast producer is multifaceted and can vary depending on your experience and the type of podcast you are managing. We’ve outlined some of the responsibilities a podcast producer typically needs to succeed:

Podcast Producer Job Description

  • Production Management: Imagine everything that goes into making a podcast. Coming up with ideas, managing the production schedule, and strategizing how to promote the show can all fall under the podcast producer’s scope of work. The podcast producer is the person who oversees the process of developing the podcast and makes sure things are running smoothly.
  • Guest Research and Scheduling: Podcast producers may also help the podcast host in finding guests to join the podcast. This might include calling, emailing, and scheduling the guest. The podcast producer wants to ensure the guest fits with the overall style of the podcast and so they will do their best to prep the host and guest before the show. They may even help pre-write interview questions and guide the guest on specific talking points.
  • Analytics Tracking and Reporting – The producer can monitor podcast metrics, like the number of downloads, listener demographics, and listening times, to make improvements to how the podcast is structured and produced. These analytics can be shared with other team members or sponsors and the producer is responsible for providing these reports.
  • Leadership – Lastly, podcast producers are responsible for interacting with a lot of different people on the team and ensuring that everyone’s work aligns. This requires a podcast producer to be able to take on a leadership role to support the podcast’s host and team.

If you want to become a podcast producer and don’t have any experience in the areas we listed above, that’s okay. You’ll need to develop these skills with time and we’ve got some resources to get you started.

Start learning about the podcasting world

You can begin by learning about podcast production from some fellow podcast producers. For example, Buzzsprout, one of our favorite podcast hosting services, produces an excellent blog with lots of podcast producer tips. Here’s a good place to start learning more so you can become a podcast producer yourself!