Optimize Video Content for Mobile Devices

50% of all YouTube views come via a mobile device

Did you know that 50% of all YouTube views come via a mobile device? In fact, mobile video consumption is growing at such an incredible rate, it is predicted to account for 72% of all mobile traffic by 2019! Brands and creators who host video on their own sites need to ensure that their content is optimized for mobile.

How? By making sure websites are responsive. A responsive site is one that has been created so that all of the content on a page remains consistent, no matter how the viewer accesses it. If a viewer is using their PC or laptop screen to view then they are obviously getting the full view of the website. If they access via a tablet or smartphone, the page will retract to fit the screen they are viewing the content on.

Viewers expect a great user experience, whichever device they use to access a website, and there is a massive drop-off rate on mobile devices for brands that don’t have a responsive site. If you host videos on your own site then make responsive design a priority.


For more information on Winning Video Marketing Strategies visit the Tubular Labs website.


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