The Content Development Team at HG Media produced a series of Promotional and Testimonial Videos for the co-founders of the No Guess Work Diet & Exercise App. In this testimonial video, Dr Grant Cooper describes his experience with co-founding this new app – No Guess Work.

Hi, I’m Dr. Grant Cooper. I’m a fellowship-trained spine and joint pain doctor. When my friend, Dr. Hunt, was telling me about his weight loss program at Princeton Hospital, I got my father-in-law enrolled in that program, and I was so impressed with the weight that he had lost in that program that I started to talk more and more with Dr. Hunt about the program.

To be honest, to me, at first, it sounded more or less like a low-carb diet that I had heard about that lots of my patients had gone through, but when Dr. Hunt sat down and he explained the science to me, I was honestly blown away by the amount of development in that science in what has to be only the last five or ten years.

It got me so excited about the program that we started talking more and more about it. The more we talked about it, the more that I realized that the only limitation on the program in helping more and more people was people being able to access that program. I was really excited when Dr. Hunt told me about his idea about bringing this into an app form so that more people could use it. That’s why I got really excited about being involved with it.

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