Videos Search Engine Friendly

If you are a complete novice to video marketing, you first need to understand why videos are so much more effective than plain text in improving sales and driving conversion. The human brain is hardwired so that it can process videos 60,000 times faster than text. Add to that the natural human tendencies to avoid laborious cognitive strain and to get emotionally affected by something they see in a video more than text, it is no wonder that the love for videos is so extensive and deep.

Consumer data show that 69% of people would choose a video over text to learn about a product or a service. Similarly, if given an option between talking to a customer support team and watching an explainer video for solving a problem, 68% of people would choose the latter option. Moreover, nearly three-quarters of the people who watch an explainer video end up buying the product or service.

Not surprising when you consider the fact that more than 75% of businesses that have used videos for marketing and promotion say that their videos have given them a good return on their investment. While 93% say that these videos have helped their customers understand their product or service better, 62% believe that videos have increased the amount of organic traffic their websites receive.

Our friends at Tublular Insights recently published this post, as well as the infographic below. We feel this is important information to share with our clients, colleagues and friends. – Ken Greenberg, HG Media

*Infographic by Take 1 Transcription



*Infographic by Take 1 Transcription

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