HG Media produces FAQ Videos for Douglas Herring, a criminal defense attorney in Princeton New Jersey. In this FAQ video, What To Do After a DUI Arrest in New Jersey, Doug explains what happens during a DUI arrest and suggests what to do afterward.

This video is an excellent example of the power of FAQ Videos; they provide valuable information by real people, real experts in areas or relevance to you.

My name is Douglas Herring. I am a Criminal Defense Attorney here in New Jersey, and I focus on DUI’s. When you are arrested for a DUI, it is incredibly upsetting. You are pulled over by the police. They take you out of the car, and you are forced to do some tests in front of your friends in the car, people on the sidewalk, people driving by. You don’t even know how the tests are going until suddenly, the police told you to turn around, put your hands behind you, handcuffed you as if you are a criminal, put you in the back of a police car, drove you to the police station, and then they left you chained on a bench while they did the rest of the tests. And suddenly, you are released with a handful of traffic tickets, and no idea what this means. Let me help.

The very first thing is, DUI is not a crime in New Jersey. It is a traffic ticket. So, you are not charged with a misdemeanor, you are not charged with a felony. You don’t have a criminal record. If you remember, you were not fingerprinted at the police station, because you were not charged with a crime, you were charged with a traffic ticket. And that is why your traffic tickets at the bottom have a court date in municipal court.

You are charged with a serious traffic offense. Serious traffic offenses carry consequences that can affect your driver’s license. Right now, your driver’s license is valid, and it will remain valid until the case is concluded. One of the consequences you are facing at the conclusion of the case is possibly suspension of your license.

You are facing serious consequences from a very upsetting time. We can help. Give us a call.

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