The Wilton Report with Real Estate Expert Josh Wilton

In episode 38 of The Wilton Report, Josh delves into the critical issue of the “missing middle” in the Princeton real estate market. He discusses the scarcity of available homes for middle-class buyers and the impact of rising prices. Join Josh as he explores the data and provides insights into the local housing market. Don’t miss this eye-opening episode.

Josh also highlights the importance of affordable housing options and potential solutions like ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units). He encourages viewers to consider the need for additional housing to accommodate the growing population and demand for homes in the area.

The episode also touches on personal topics, such as philanthropy and community support, with Josh sharing his commitment to donating to the Rescue Mission of Trenton in memory of his brother, Phil, who struggled with addiction. The Rescue Mission helps combat homelessness and addiction, making a meaningful impact in the community.

Stay informed about the Princeton and West Windsor real estate markets, discover the challenges of the “missing middle,” and gain insights into the broader housing landscape. ~ Nate Greenberg, The Wilton Report Producer


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