HG Media produces a series of FAQ videos for Princeton Airport. In this video, Jeff Slutsky, a Princeton Flying School Instructor, discusses many of the advantages offered to students learning to fly to get their private pilot’s license at Princeton Airport.

Princeton Flying School a very good place for students to train for their pilots’ licenses. We have a relatively new runway. It’s 3,600 feet long so it’s more than long enough for our students to train. In fact we get all types of planes coming into the Princeton Airport.

We’re a non-towered airport, so we’re not associated with the control tower. This is actually a good advantage for our Princeton Flying School students because at other airports with control towers, the students spend a lot of time taxing around the airport waiting for big planes to come in and land.

Here at Princeton Airport, we spend a lot more time up in the air. We take off quickly, we hit a couple miles and we’re already out practicing maneuvers.

Learning to fly at Princeton Airport offers many other advantages. The airport staff has been here for a long time and their extremely knowledgeable. We have really smart guys out in the maintenance shop. Compared to some of the other airports where I’ve been around the country, these guys are really on the ball.

I think Princeton Flying School is a great place to learn to fly. It’s still a family-owned airport and its very responsive to our students’ desires and needs. I pretty much enjoy it here. ~ Jeff Slutsky, Princeton Flying School Instructor

This video is an excellent example of the power of FAQ Videos; they provide valuable information by real experts in areas or relevance to you. Video brings your marketing messages to life!

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