Is your website optimized for security?

Time to optimize your website security!

If you haven’t deliberately secured your website within the past 6 months, contact us for a complimentary website security audit. We can harden your website’s code to keep it safe from malware, exploits and other malicious actions. How?
We Lock and Protect Your Website System Folders
This ensures that no unauthorized or malicious scripts can be executed in your system folders. This is an often exploited back door that can be closed.
We Hide Your WordPress Versions
Many attackers scan sites for vulnerable WordPress versions. By hiding the version from your site HTML, we help you avoid being marked by hackers for mass attacks.
We Disable Your WordPress Themes & Plugins Editor
By disabling the option to edit themes and plugins code directly from the WordPress admin, we prevent potential coding errors or unauthorized access via the WordPress editor.
We Disable Your Website XML-RPC
XML-RPC was designed as a protocol enabling WordPress to communicate with third-party systems, but recently it has been used in a number of exploits. Unless you specifically need to use it, we recommend that XML-RPC is always disabled.
We Disable Your RSS and ATOM Feeds
RSS and ATOM feeds are often used to scrape your content and to perform a number of attacks against your site. We only enable feeds if you have readers using your site via RSS readers.
We Delete Your Website Default Readme.html
WordPress comes with a readme.html file containing information about your website. The readme.html is often used by hackers to compile lists of potentially vulnerable sites which can be hacked or attacked.

Let’s Optimize the Performance of Your Website!

Kenneth Greenberg :: Business Website Webmaster

As a professional Website Webmaster for the past 20+ years, I have designed, hosted and optimized hundreds of websites for doctors, lawyers, accountants, consultants, and other professional service providers. As a result, my clients’ websites generate greater results for their businesses and practices. I will be happy to help you as well.

~ Kenneth Greenberg ~ Webmaster & SEO ~ HG Media

Contact me to make your business website more engaging, effective, and secure.


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