HG Media Video Productions produced a series of McCarter Theatre interview videos for the Princeton News Network back in 2008, In this interview video, Todd Reichart interviews Mara Isaacs, director of “The Mad 7”, the first production of McCarter Theatre’s IN Festival Year 2.

In The Mad 7, a modern day riff on a 19th Century Hasidic tale, playwright, actor and choreographer Yehuda Hyman tells the epic tale of Elliot Green, an office drone turned reluctant hero who embarks on a strange and mystical quest. In a virtuosic performance, Hyman uses music and dance as he becomes the many characters in this hilarious, offbeat and moving story of spiritual and self-discovery. Inspired by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov’s The Seven Beggars, The Mad 7 is a wild tour of the mysteries of the universe and the ecstasy of the soul.


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