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Writing content for a website can seem daunting — there are professional writers for stuff like that, right? But, with a little help, you too can create unique content for your website.

In the post below, published by Andrea Rowland, you will learn the secret all successful websites have in common: they all tell a story. ~ Kenneth Greenberg :: Website Webmaster


Everyone has a story. Every business has a beginning. Think about what you tell customers about your business, or how you explain to friends what you do for a living.

It’s as simple as a story like this:

“Dad and I started fixing cars as a hobby when I was in high school. I kept it up in college and did repairs for everyone in my dorm. I knew I had a passion, so when I finished my degree I set up shop back home. Dad still works with me — he runs the front desk. I can’t wait until our third generation is part of the crew.”

That could be included on your home page.


You can get ideas for your website from a variety of places:

  • Existing brochures or marketing materials
  • Company newsletters or cards
  • Customer referrals
  • Talking to friends

Think about your story — your mission, your passion, what separates you from everyone else, what makes you special. Think about how your best friend would describe your business or what you’d tell people at a high school reunion.

Spend some time looking at other websites. See what you like and what you don’t, and take a look at what other successful businesses in your industry do. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little online inspiration, just don’t copy someone else’s content.


Are you ready to start telling your story? Grab a pen and paper, or sit down at your computer and start typing. These questions can help you start writing:

  • How’d you get started?
  • What is your website about?
  • What’s your company’s history?
  • What do people say about your service?

Jot down answers in just a few sentences or a couple paragraphs. Website content doesn’t have to be long. In fact, the shorter the better — no one wants to scroll, especially when they’re reading on their mobile phone.


Now that you have your website’s story, you’re almost ready to publish your site. You need to find pictures, even videos, to go with your content, and you also need to make sure your website has all the components it needs to be successful. You’re almost there, and we cannot wait to see how you tell your story!

* Above post originally published by Andrea Rowland

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