Dr Lawrence Bass Podcast

The HG Media podcast production crew has published episode 8 of The Park Avenue Plastic Surgery Class Podcast with Dr Lawrence Bass, Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon, educator and technology innovator.

This episode explores the following topics:

We all want to get the best possible results at the best price.  But how do we know what represents good value, avoiding lower price but also lower quality?  What are the pitfalls?  Dr. Bass is back to share his advice on how to avoid cheap and get value for money with high quality plastic surgery care.  Price is not the only issue.  Picking the right doctor and treatment by getting second opinions?  Good up to a point.  Hear Dr. Bass explain how a consistent approach with a plan saves time and money compared to picking a different provider every time.  Find out about whiplash aesthetic treatments and more by streaming the episode.

Read more at Dr. Bass’s blog:  https://drbass.net/doctor-shopping-why-cheap-is-a-disastrous-parachute-with-your-face-facelift-laser-botox-injectable-fillers/


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