Do I really need video on my website?

It’s hard to do… I’m nervous… I don’t know what to say… I don’t know if I’m going to come off across well… It’s expensive… But there are so many advantages to having video on your website and other places as well that I think small business and professional service providers would be crazy not to have video on our websites. We need to get over ourselves and get our act together with video because there are so many benefits.

First of all, video is more engaging to our visitors. For some reason, we’re just still pushing play buttons like crazy. Every statistic that I read, it’s phenomenal how much more videos get watched than pages get read.

Then there’s the whole psychological argument that says we’re totally hardwired for video. We want to see somebody’s expression, their eyes, their face. We need to like, know, trust someone before we want to do business with them. Video is a very efficient way to get that done.

Then there’s just so many opportunities once you get good at video because your website is just the starting place. Social media is just exploding with video. Not only can you have your website filled with video, but you can bring your videos to places where your prospects are and then eventually lead them back to your website where you can have longer videos.

The web is an audio visual medium. You need to get on board right away.
~ Kenneth Greenberg, HG Media Creative Director