In this fourth episode of our mini-series “Decades of Face,” Dr. Bass guides people in their 50’s who want to take appropriate and immediate action to avoid looking “old.”

This decade is an active time for facial aging, requiring thoughtful effort around a beauty plan with larger and more frequent treatments. For many people at this age, skin laxity, dull skin, volume loss, wrinkles, jowling, muscle banding in the neck, and droopy eyelids are moderate to severe.
While a surgical face and/or neck lift may be necessary for some people, others may still benefit enough from non-surgical treatments such as Ultherapy, Sofwave, MyEllevate or FaceTite.

Find out why developing a coordinated plan of fewer treatments is smarter than chasing individual concerns, and which treatments are best to slow each of the various changes of your 50’s.


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