Church Brick Website Designed by HG Media

Kathy Koenig, President of Church Brick Company, a family business with a history dating back to its founding in 1916, reached out to Kenneth Greenberg, President of HG Media, a slightly younger family business founded in 1999, to redesign the Church Brick logo and company website. Now some 15 years later we continue to grow our family business relationship with another generation.

Megan Koenig, Kathy’s daughter, recently worked with Stephen Greenberg, Kenneth’s son, on their latest website redesign. We are fortunate and grateful for family businesses that thrive! And we are pleased with Megan and Stephen’s collaboration on this beautiful new website for Church Brick.

CHURCH is the Mid-Atlantic region’s premier masonry supplier, located in Bordentown, NJ. Founded in 1916 by the Church family, they have provided a century of service to the building community. Trusted by builders, architects and property owners alike, CHURCH offers brick, stone, pavers & masonry products ideal for both residential and commercial projects.


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