Dr Lawrence Bass Podcast
Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Julius Few joins Dr. Bass to discuss why skin care is not a one size fits all industry and debunk common myths surrounding skin care.

Good skin care is a necessary adjunct to plastic surgery and beauty as a whole. There are thousands of product options out there, but it’s about finding a routine that’s easy to follow and works for you.

According to Dr. Few, the secret to great skin is good cleansing (but not over-cleansing), good hydration with protection of that hydration, and something that facilitates cell turnover and elimination—not stripping, but enhancing that process.

Join Park Avenue board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lawrence Bass as he discusses the latest developments and news about all things plastic surgery and anti-aging – drawing on his wealth of experience as a leading surgeon, a plastic surgery professor, and technology innovator to see past the buzz and hear concrete advice and insight to empower your beauty journey or just learn more about this fascinating medical specialty.


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