FAQ Videos provide valuable information from real experts in areas of relevance to your website visitors. They help you gain market share by positioning you as a thought leader in your area of expertise.

Grant Cooper, MD


Neck Pain & Good Neck Hygienics explained by Grant Cooper MD, Princeton Spine & Joint Center HG Media produces a variety of videos for the Princeton Spine & Joint Center. In this FAQ [...]

Grant Cooper, MD2019-09-06T06:28:45-04:00

Lara Phillips, Attorney


HG Media produces a series of FAQ Videos for Gaylord Popp, a law firm that provides experienced legal representation for workers' compensation, Social Security Disability and other legal concerns. We produce these Frequently [...]

Lara Phillips, Attorney2019-09-06T06:28:56-04:00

Douglas Herring, Defense Attorney


HG Media produces FAQ Videos for Douglas Herring, a criminal defense attorney in Princeton New Jersey. In this FAQ video, What To Do After a DUI Arrest in New Jersey, Doug explains [...]

Douglas Herring, Defense Attorney2021-02-23T08:08:30-05:00

Rafael Sharon, Psychoanalyst


HG Media has been engaged by Rafael Sharon, Modern Psychoanalyst in Princeton NJ to produce a series of FAQ Videos for use on his Video Website, as well as his YouTube Channel. In [...]

Rafael Sharon, Psychoanalyst2021-02-23T08:09:11-05:00

Eileen Sinett, Presentation Coach


HG Media produces FAQ Videos for Eileen Sinett, a speech and presentation expert in Plainsboro New Jersey. In this FAQ video, Eileen Sinett describes the importance of storytelling in all professional presentations. [...]

Eileen Sinett, Presentation Coach2018-10-07T07:59:07-04:00
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