7 Reasons to Hire a Website WebmasterIf you’re not already working with a Business Website Webmaster, it’s not too late to get started. A professionally managed website will help to generate leads for your business in a number of ways.

Here are 7 ways a professional Website Webmaster will improve the marketing power of your business website. Hire one today to turn your online presence into a better lead generating machine.

1. A Webmaster Will Keep Your Business Website Up To Date

Gone are the days when your website was nothing more than a glorified business card. Websites nowadays need to be built to generate leads. They have to work for you.

You need a website that quickly converts clients by communicating to readers who you are, what you do, and how to contact you. It will need to have an impactful and attractive design while also being SEO optimized to rank well in Google searches.

To do this, a professional Website Webmaster will recommend design updates to enhance your business website’s conversion-optimization and SEO.

2. A Webmaster Will Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

More than ever, consumers are using their phones to search for the products and services they want. This is just as true for buying clothes online as it is for finding the right service providers. Google knows this, too—that’s why, in 2019, they started prioritizing mobile-friendly websites over desktop ones. If you don’t have a mobile site, you’re going to be left behind.

Your business website needs to adapt appropriately on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone. Your mobile version should load quickly and communicate your company’s brand even on a small screen. A fast, properly designed mobile site will give you an edge on your competition and help you generate more leads!

3. A Webmaster Will Secure Your Website with an SSL Certificate

Pop Quiz: What’s the difference between these two URLs?

  • http://yourwebsite.com
  • https://yourwebsite.com

Notice that there’s an ’s’ in the second one. That ’s’ indicates that an SSL Certificate protects your website. This extra security credential means that your visitors will be protected from identity theft and hacking while they visit your site.

An SSL certificate is also a key ranking factor for Google. After all, Google is far more likely to recommend a secure site to searchers than one that puts its users at risk.

4. A Webmaster Will Identify Content to Optimize for Searches

Website Webmasters know that every page on your site should focus on a specific set of keywords and phrases that your visitors are searching for. That way, when a Google user searches for information relevant to your business, your website will show up in the results. This is called “Organic SEO” or On-Page SEO”.

Rather than writing website content that people can find on Wikipedia, a Website Webmaster will help you focus on the benefits of your specific business products and services. By creating unique and relevant content you will also be creating SEO optimized content that converts!

5. A Webmaster Will Submit Sitemaps to Google for Indexing

Think of Google, like an index of every web page that exists online. Each page is indexed (and therefore searchable) by the keywords you select. Google uses bots, also called crawlers or spiders, to comb through every page and index it according to its relevance for searchers. The easier it is for Google crawlers to index your web pages, the more likely you will rank well in searches.

A business Webmaster will make sure your website uses sitemaps to structure your site’s internal architecture. That way, your keyword-rich SEO content will be searchable on Google and generate tons of traffic.

6. A Webmaster Will Improve Your Website’s Load-Speed

Internet users are notoriously impatient. If your page doesn’t load fast enough, visitors are very likely to hit the back button and find another site that loads faster. The last thing you want to do is lose clients to your competition just because your page loads slowly!

Your Website Webmaster knows that page load-speed is not just important for users, though. It’s also one of Google’s key ranking factors. After all, user experience is Google’s top priority, and the loading speed is a key measure for user experience. The best way to make sure your site loads quickly is to make sure that the images and videos are compressed or embedded correctly. Webmasters use speed tests to identify areas that need improvements to optimize the page loading speed of your website. 

7. A Webmaster Will Help You Generate Local Leads

As we mentioned earlier, consumers are using their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to find local businesses. One of the reasons for this is the streamlined user experience of Google Maps. To get on Google Maps, you need a Google My Business (GMB) profile.

Your GMB profile displays all the information that users need to know about your business. This includes your:

  • ⇢ Business name
  • ⇢ Business type and keywords
  • ⇢ Contact information
  • ⇢ Hours of operation
  • ⇢ Physical location on Google Maps
  • ⇢ Photos of your team, products, and services
  • ⇢ Reviews
  • ⇢ A link to your website

We can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure that all your contact information is 100% correct. If you change any part of it, update your Google My Business listing  immediately.


A Website Webmaster Is Critical for Your Business

If you are attempting to maintain and optimize your business website yourself, it is easy to get distracted with other business activities and fall behind. It happens to almost all businesses that do not have a dedicated Website Webmaster looking after their website. Don’t let this happen to you and your business. Simply hire a professional Website Webmaster to keep your business website updated and optimized! It’s important, affordable, and one of the best marketing investments you will make.


~ By Kenneth Greenberg, Professional Website Webmaster since 1999

If you have any questions about this blog or are interested in our Website Webmaster services, leave us a comment or call at 609-921-6200 to speak with one of our professional Website Webmasters.


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