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As your site grows and more visitors start arriving every day, WordPress Optimized Hosting will solve some of these 5 tough technical problems…

1. Speed

Fast sites convert traffic to revenue more effectively and rank higher in search engines. Speedy sites deliver better experiences to visitors, which in turn, leads to happier, more engaged visitors.

WordPress sites can become slow for any number of technical reasons. WordPress optimized hosting actively monitors these factors, making continual optimization improvements.

WordPress optimized hosts create an infrastructure that makes WordPress fast – even under the heaviest of visitor loads.

2. Security

Every minute, silent armies of robots are crawling the web, looking for sites to break into and bend to their own nefarious purposes. They try passwords, look for outdated themes, plugins, and core code, and pore through thousands of sites every hour.

While you might ask yourself “Who would want to break into my site? I’m not the government or a company,” that’s not how hackers think. These bad actors seek to turn your website into a spam-sending, botnet-controlled, malware-distributing machine.

And you might not even know about this until one day someone tells your website has begun to look like a fly-by-night pharmacy. By that time, your whole site is often not just defaced, but left with back doors for bad actors to return anytime they want.

WordPress optimized hosting work heavily on security, and take care of hardening WordPress and looking for new vulnerabilities on your behalf. And if you do get hacked, some of them (like WP Engine) will fix it for you for free, and restore your site back to its former glory.

3. Scalability

After months of hard work on your site, there will come a time when it all pays off – you finally get featured on that big media site, make the homepage of Reddit, or rank number one for that keyword. Thousands of visitors come to your site in a matter of minutes. Hooray! Fame and fortune are closer than ever before.

But this is exactly when most websites fail – just when your site is its most popular, the crush of visitors overwhelm the server and the site goes down. New visitors are shown an error message or a blank screen.

And after months of hard work, your web host has turned success into failure.

WordPress optimized hosting can scale your site’s traffic automatically to serve hundreds of thousands of simultaneous visitors – so you’ll avoid the dreaded “Error Establishing a Database Connection” error message when you finally hit that front page of Reddit, CNN, or your favorite publication.

4. Support

Many hosts support only their own server hardware – so when your site goes down or shows errors, they simply tell you the server is fine, and throw the responsibility back to you. Unless you want to become a systems administrator, this is confusing, frustrating, and flat out irritating.

WordPress optimized hosting, by contrast, employ experts in not just servers, but also PHP, MySQL, and WordPress itself. Their support lines are staffed by WordPress experts, so their team can help you troubleshoot issues at every level of your website’s software stack.

While every managed host trains their support team differently, my friends at WP Engine make sure each and every one of their support team members goes through months of training, so they can fix minor issues before they become major problems.

5. Automatic Updates and Nightly Backups

One of the most popular questions raised by our members is, “How do I back up my site?”

If your site is hosted by a WordPress optimized hosting service, you’re already covered. They handle it for you, automatically backing up your site every night. If anything goes wrong, you can simply restore your site from a backup with just a couple of clicks!

But WordPress optimized hosts don’t stop there. They also automatically update your site to the latest version of WordPress whenever a new version is released, ensuring you’re always up to date and secure.

Let’s Optimize the Performance of Your Website!

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