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Interview Video Series for The Marc Sanders Foundation

The Marc Sanders Foundation has selected HG Media to produce an ongoing series of interview videos with some of the world’s leading philosophers. Anchoring each interview is Sarah-Jane Leslie, Professor of Philosophy at Princeton University. Professor Leslie’s primary research interests lie in the intersection of philosophy and cognitive psychology. She believes that a range of […]

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Interview with Christie Laume – Author of ‘The Last Love of Edith Piaf’

Christie Laume first selected HG Media to design and develop her website,  She has also called on HG Media for our web video production expertise to assist in her website content development. Recently, Christie has published a book entitled ‘The Last Love of Edith Piaf’. The book chronicles the years of Edith Piaf’s marriage […]

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Interview with Emily Mann, Artistic Director of McCarter Theatre

HG Media sponsored and produced a series of McCarter Theatre interview videos for publication on the Princeton News Network back in 2008, In this interview video, Emily Mann, Director, Playwright and Artistic Director of McCarter Theatre discusses her most recent work, A Seagull in the Hamptons, with Todd Reichart, News Correspondent with Princeton News Network. […]

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